Croissants are difficult to produce due to their high fat content and the processing conditions. Quality fluctuations in flour and the key raw materials used in the production process, can make producing croissants even more difficult.

Croissants are produced in two different ways, either an industrial or artisan . Special preservatives and shelf-life enhancers are used to extend the shelf life of products that are sold in package.

A croissant must have;

  • high volume
  • a crispy texture
  • distinct layers.
  • non-homogeneous spider web-like pores in the artisan products.
  • Mass-produced croissants are expected to be smaller in volume and have more dense pores than artisan products.
    With its package solutions, Polen Food gurantees you best croissant for your special requirements.
Product NameImprovementDosage
Vizyon Croissant Improver (Artisan)

Vizyon Croissant Improver (Industrial)

– Volume

– Distinct layers

– A crispy texture

– A spider web-like interior texture


Used in combination with the Vizyon Emulsifier Mixture in the recipe.

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