Flat Bread

The bakery experts say that despite what it would look like, the hardest breads to improve are not the toast, baguette or buns but flat ones. Improving the flour for the right extensibility, keeping a good final color of the bread without renouncing to its softness or sometimes crunchiness (according to the bread), avoiding the chewiness and guarantying its freshness during 2-3 days after baking is something that few companies are able to do.

The successful story, in different countries, of our improvers for flat breads such as Lavash, Pita, Sangak, Berberi, Chapatti, Parotta and Tortillas makes us say that Polen Food is for sure one of those few companies.

Product NameImprovementDosage
Vizyon Anatolia 100

Vizyon P50

– Optimized enzymatic activity.

– Optimum dough stability.

– Crumble-proof.

– Softness that lasts until the next day.

– Increased bread volume.

– Perfect crust color.

100-200 g / 100 kg

50-100 g / 100 kg

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