Frozen Dough

Frozen bakery goods are rising global trend nowadays.

  • mass production
  • quality standardization and customer expectations (ready-made, fast and fresh product…)

The production of frozen dough differs from normal bakery products, especially due to the significant differences in the process.

So, enhancers used in frozen dough should also be able to meet these different requirements in the process.
Types of frozen dough production

  • Frozen Dough
  • Partially Baked Frozen Dough
  • 100% Baked Frozen Dough.

The encountered issues are limp or flabby crusts, a plastic-like texture that has lost its crispiness, crumbliness, excessive loss of taste, spots due to freezer burn.

Polen Gıda offers you tailored solutions with its special products.

Product NameImprovementDosage
4000 D (Frozen Dough)

Vizyon 4000 D – YP (Half-Baked Frozen Dough)

Vizyon 5000 (Half-Baked Frozen Dough/Flat Breads)

– The crust maintains its crispiness

– It makes the crust more firm

– It prevents the bread from crumbling inside

– It prevents white spots inside the bread

– It provides the optimum protection for fresh bread’s taste and aromatic component

1 – 1.5%



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