Vizyon Turkish Bagel And Pastry Improver

The most valuable asset in this age is time, and people prefer to consume quick snacks especially for breakfast. The weakening of the dough due to the inclusion in the process of different types of cereal flours-grains, oils and sugar depending on the product type can be compensated for through appropriate bread enhancers. Turkish bagels are an important group of snacks thanks to

  • the sesames on top,
  • their bright and brown color and
  • crispy crust.
Product NameImprovementDosage
Vizyon Turkish Bagel And Pastry Improver – Supports dough stability
– Increases oven performance
– Improves the eating experience by 1%
Vizyon Turkish Bagel Coating Sauce – Makes more sesames stay on top
– Provides a bright and caramelized color
– Helps make the crust more crispy
Used by diluting between 1-2 / 1-5 according to the color choice

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