World Bread

“A world of improvers” is what we say to our customers. Not only because the improvers’ one is really a wide world but especially because Polen Food developed different enzyme combinations for supporting its customers in the 60 countries it is exporting to, in order to produce quality flours for all kind of breads. The Russian baton bread, the Uzbek Lebyoshka and the Balkans bread are just few examples of the several breads our millers are improving everyday by using Polen Food solutions.

Product NameImprovementDosage
Exper Gold UZB

Exper Gold BRB

Exper Gold GRG

Exper Gold 1000

Exper Gold 2000

Exper Gold 3000

Exper Gold 4000

Exper Gold 5000 XL

• Optimized enzymatic activity
• Improved dough handling tolerance
• Increased bread proofing stability
• Increased bread volüme
• Excellent crust color
• Improved crumb structure
10-30 g / 100 kg

10 – 30 g / 100 kg