Caramelized Biscuits Cream

Vizyon Select Caramelized Biscuit Cream, with its practical application feature, helps professionals expand their product ranges with alternative usage areas, making it the fastest solution partner for recipes. With its unique spreadable texture and rich caramelized biscuit content, it adds a versatile and flavorful touch to pastry products.


Purpose of Usage
Vizyon Select Caramelized Biscuit Cream can be used directly or heated in profiteroles, eclairs, cookies, tartlets, chocolate fillings, magnolias, parfaits, cake bases, and between cakes.

Technical Specifications

  • %55 Biscuit Particle
  • Wide Range of Usage
  • Spreadable
  • Caramelized Flavor
  • Room Temperature Use


  • 24 kg carton box (6 kg pail x 4 pcs.)


  • Store at 18 - 22°C in an odourless place.

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