Chococoat Chocolate Modelling Dough

Try out our Vizyon Chococoat Bitter and Ivory chocolate modelling dough which give excellent taste by its chocolate content and provide application varieties by its coating and figuring characteristics! You can get products that remain fresh, flexible and moist for a long period which also enables you to make detailed figures and decorations



  • Bitter
  • Ivory

Directions for Use

Depending on the temperature of ambient and dough, use the modelling dough directly or warm in microwave oven. Knead until it reaches the right consistency and spread it with roller for coating and decorating use. Microwaving time may vary due to the amount of dough being used and temperature. Lay the dough on a marble surface or keep it in cooler at 4°C until it reaches the right consistency in case of over heating


  • 12 kg carton box (1 kg pail x 12 pcs.)

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