Decopowder Lace Mix

Vizyon Decopowder Lace Mix is used for preparing laced figures, helps you to add stylish and elegant details on your products.


Directions for Use

  • Vizyon Decopowder Lace Mix: 100 g
  • Water (40-45°C): 80 g
  • Drying: 3 hrs. at ambient conditions
  • Quick Drying in Oven (Convection):
    • 120°C: 6-8 min.
    • 80°C: 12-14 min.
  • Quick Drying in Oven (Deck Oven):
    • 120°C: 10-12 min.
    • 80°C: 14-16 min.


2 min. in medium speed with whisk in mixer. Spread the acquired mix on the lace template using a palette knife. Smoothen the template surface with palette knife and remove extra paste with light pressure. Keep it dry in ambient temperature or in oven. After drying process; turn the template upside down on a firm ground and remove figure caerfully with a palette knife.


  • 5 kg carton box (250 g sachet x 20 pcs.)
  • 25 kg carton box

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