Polen Food developed the Polenzyme portfolio for those customers willing on creating their own improvers. In some countries in fact the availability of wheat is limited and the importation Of foreign ones is drastically fluctuating. In this case, it is important for the millers to rebalance the weekly or even daily wheat blends and so flour quality variability by using singles enzymes. Therefore, the addition of Polenzyme products enables millers to standardize flours and so, to control rheological behavior, kneading properties, fermentation stability and baking time Of the dough.
As a great investor in R&D and new technologies, Polen Food launched into the market also 3 successful and unique products: POLENZYME RST, POLENZYME VLM and POLENZYME ELS.

Product Name
Dosage g / 100 kg Flour
Polenzyme P
150 - 200
1 AU/g
Polenzyme P 1000
0,5 - 2
0,1 AU/g
Polenzyme X
Fungal Xylanase
3 - 15
500 FXU/g
Polenzyme X1000
Fungal Xylanase
0,5 - 2,5
1500 FXU/g
Polenzyme X2000
Fungal Xylanase
0,5 - 2,5
1500 FXU/g
Polenzyme G2500
Glucose Oxidase
0,5 - 2,5
2500 GDU/g
Polenzyme L15
0,5 - 2
15.000 LU/g
Polenzyme F1000
Fungal Abha Amylase
3 - 7
40.000 SKB
Polenzyme F2000
Fungal Abha Amylase
1,5 - 4,5
60.000 SKB
Polenzyme F3000
Fungal Abha Amylase
1 - 3
100.000 SKB
Polenzyme F4000
Fungal Abha Amylase
0,5 - 2
140.000 SKB

Enzyme Combination

Special enzyme mixes developed by Polen Food for the milling industry

Flour Strenght • Dough Resistance • Oven Spring
Complete Rehological Flour Improvement • Balanced Dough • Bread Volume
Enhanced Extensibility • Easy Dough Processability • Bread Color And Softness

  • Suggested for flours which need an extra strenght and a lower extensibility
  • Used to ensure high resistance to kneaing and long stability during fermentation
  • Useful for strenghtening excessivily relax dough and for improving raising
  • Reccomended dosage: 1 - 5 g 100kg of flour
  • Suggested for balanced but weak flours which need extra energy
  • Used for a global improvement of dough processability and extensibility
  • Useful for increasing dough stability during fermentation and for enhancing bread volume and color
  • Reccomended dosage: 1-5 g /100kg of flour
  • Suggested for flours which need an extra extensibility and a lower strenght
  • Used to ensure dough relaxing and promoting extensibility
  • Useful for intense color in bread, softness and freshness during storage
  • Reccomended dosage: 1- 5 g /100kg of flour

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