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In today's rapidly changing conditions, expectations and needs, Polen Food received the biggest return on the importance it gives to development and innovation in 2015 with the title of R&D Center given by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology. Growing young and dynamic structure and following the changing trends are the values that bring new perspectives and approach practices to Polen Food.

With the customer satisfaction value, Polen Food has adopted the principle of being a solution partner, not just a supplier, and carries out special solutions for its customers by performing all analyzes on flour and wheat in its laboratories. In the R&D Center pilot units, different trials are carried out to develop a new product portfolio in the pastry, bakery and chocolate categories and to implement production process. After developing process in the pilot units are adapted to the production facilities, they are checked in the quality assurance laboratories and a high level of quality is ensured.

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Application Labs
• Flour Analysis
• End Product
Product Development Labs
• Powder Product R&D
• Liquid Product R&D
• Chocolate R&D
Quality Assurance Labs
• Process Control
• Final Product Control
• Microbiological Control

Wheat & Flour Analysis Laboratory

All quality analyses regarding flour and wheat are performed.
Flour additive sales and the R&D team are supported by these analyses.
Technical support is provided to all out customers in this field.
Analytical Laboratory;
• Gluomatic
• Sedimentation
• Number of Drops
• Fungal D. Count
• Starch Damage
• Extensograph
• Farinograph
• Aveograph
• Mixolab
• Rheofermentometer
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Application and New Product Development Laboratories

Leading R&D Center in the Food Industry

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The applications and end product performances of all bakery products are compared.
Different dough rheologies made with incoming flour samples are evaluated.
Sensory and physical comparisons of the results from the flour analysis laboratory are made.
Applications of different countries bread and processes are tested.

Discover some of the powerful and stunning features of Essentials.

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New products are being developed in bread Improvers and pastry.
Bread Improvers and Pastry product application trials are carried out, and the results are evaluated.
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Discover some of the powerful and stunning features of Essentials.

We are developing our product portfolio by making different adjustments in our pilot units. We are doing product application studies.
By determining the process parameters of the product before production, we carry out our product improvement studies when deemed necessary.

Quality Assurance

As Polen Gıda, we always prioritize customer satisfaction. We carry our quality controls at all stages, from raw material to the final product, with our expert staff.Produced products and raw materials are subjected to physical, chemical, organoleptic, and microbiological analyzes in the quality laboratory according to their lot numbers. Final controls are made before products presented to the market.

Physical & Chemical Analysis
• pH
• Brix
• Water Activity
• Density Test
• Bostwick Value
• Texture Analysis
Microbiological Analysis
• Total Live
• E. Coli
• Yeast-Mold Analysis
• Staphylococcus aureus
• Rope Count
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