Vizyon Macaron provides perfectly shaped crispy crust, soft and moist internal structure in macarons without having to sacrifice from the quality standarts.


Directions for Use

  • Vizyon Macaron Mix: 1000 g
  • Water (50-55°C): 200 g
  • Deck Oven: Bottom: 1400C Top: 1500C / 18-22 min
    (It is suggested placing another empty tray under for formation of skirt.)
  • Convection Oven: 120-130C / 16-20 min.

Mix with palette mixer for 4-5 min. at high speed. Squeeze on silicone baking mat placed on a tray without any delay.Baking time and temperature varies depending on the oven type.


  • 5 kg carton box (5 kg sachet)

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