Chococover Ganache Sauce

Vizyon Chococover enables quick and practical use while gives your products standart taste and glow. Intense flavoured Vizyon Chococover can be used on pastry products for coating and mixing with whipping and custard creams to vary. Whipping and custard creams can be enriched by mixing with Chococover.

  • Assortments

    • Bitter
    • Ivory
    • Caramel
  • Directions for Use

    For Coating Applications: 
    Heat up to 35-37 ̊C in a bainmaire or microwave to melt completely for coating cakes.

    For Filling Applications:
    Mix with whipped Vizyon Liquid Whipping Cream at the ratio of 30% or 50% and use for filling purposes.

  • Package

    24 kg carton box (6 kg pail x 4 pcs.)

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