Decopowder Lace Mix

Vizyon Decopowder Lace Mix is used for preparing laced figures, helps you to add stylish and elegant details on your products.

Directions for Use

Vizyon Decopowder Lace Mix100 g
Water (40-45°C)80 g
Drying3 hrs. at ambient conditions
Quick Drying in Oven (Convection)120°C 80°C | 6-8 min. 12-14 min.
Quick Drying in Oven (Deck Oven)
(Trays should be put higher than the oven surface .)
120°C 80°C | 10-12 min. 14-16 min.
  • Mixing

    2 min. in medium speed with whisk in mixer. Spread the acquired mix on the lace template using a palette knife. Smoothen the template surface with palette knife and remove extra paste with light pressure. Keep it dry in ambient temperature or in oven. After drying process; turn the template upside down on a firm ground and remove figure caerfully with a palette knife.

  • Package

    5 kg carton box (250 g sachet x 20 pcs.)
    25 kg carton box

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