French Baguette

For this very famous bread type as well, we are aware of how great is the variability of the ways it is produced around different countries in the world. Long and short baguette, crunchy and thick crusty as well as light colored and soft in crumb ones.

So, what Polen food is doing is firstly analyzing the wheat and flour characteristics of its customers, then studying what are the expectations of bakers and final consumers in the country. That means how should the baguette be in order to be accepted and appreciated by those who daily buy it. According to this first analysis the R&D team develops, an improver that will provide the main desired effects such as improved extensibility, proofing stability, clear slit cuts and oven spring.

Product NameImprovementDosage
Polenzyme Plus BGT (concentrated)

Rio Exper P100

Vizyon P100

Vizyon P300

High ovenspring

High loaf volume

Optimized Crumb structure

Extended crumb softness and structure

20-25 g / 100 kg

200-300 g / 50 kg

200-300 g / 100 kg

200-300 g / 100 kg

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