Liquid Whipping Cream

Appetizing vegetable based Vizyon Liquid Whipping Cream is ready-to-use in cake and pastries! Freeze-thaw stable Vizyon Liquid Whipping Cream can be used for different applications by mixing with custard cream or cold milk. Sugared and sugar-free alternatives provide tailor-made solutions.

  • Assortments

    • Ricca
    • Forte
    • Perla
    • Sugar-Free Vegetable Based Cream
  • Directions for Use

    For the best result, cool it down up to +5 – +8 °C in fridge before using. Mix with any kind of mixer, professional blender or whisk. Sugar free whipping cream can be used for preparing sauces for meals, salads, pastas etc.

  • Package

    12 kg carton box (1 lt box x 12 pcs.)

    (Perla)10 lt

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