Concerning the pizza dough, various factors affect the consistency, how well it cooks and even the taste of the pizza such as:

  • the type of flour used and the gluten amount
  • the fermentation method and time
  • how the dough is spread.

When assessing the quality of a pizza, the final factor is the dough. The dough used must be smooth and spreadable. The crust must be done to perfection to be crispy and brown while the materials on it must be well-cooked, soft and easily chewable and the pizza must be sturdy enough to house the ingredients.

Both the top and bottom of the pizza must be homogeneously well-cooked. Pizzas are made using both thin and thick dough depending on the production process and the recipe. Besides, artisan-produced and mass-produced pizzas also show variations.

You can make the perfect pizza dough with package solutions tailored to your line.

Product NameImprovementDosage
Vizyon Pizza SD (Artisan)

Vizyon Pizza SD (Industrial)

– It makes the dough more easy to spread.

– It improves dough stability

– It helps the pizza to cook thoroughly.

– It improves the eating experienceIt helps

– The pizza host its ingredients.


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