Toast Bread

Toast is maybe the most spread bread around the world and even if plenty of types can be found in differ¬ent countries the common desired characteristics are a good volume, a homogeneous crumb, a soft and thin golden crust as well as the avoidance of crumbling in the product, whilst a good dough structure and development, a fermentation stability and a great oven spring are expected on the process side.

Throughout several technical visits in different countries Polen Food developed a wide varieties of flour improvers that according to the wheat quality, the milling process and the flour’s final user production process allow its customer around the world to standardize the flour quality for baking goods production, thus guarantying the bakers to obtain a perfect loaf.

Product NameImprovementsKullanım Oranı
Exper Gold

Exper Gold 1000

Exper Gold SFT

Exper Gold SX SOFT

Exper Gold KNG

– Increased gas retention

– Improved fermentation tolerance

– Increased loaf volume

– Avoidance of crumbling

10-30 g / 100 kg

With improver , without improver , With improver , without improver

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