Toast Bread

Toast is maybe the most consumed bread around the world and even if plenty of types can be found in different countries. The common desired characteristics are a good volume, a homogeneous crumb, a soft and thin golden crust as well as the avoidance of crumbling in the product, whilst a good dough structure and development, a fermentation stability and a great oven spring are expected on the process side.

Throughout several technical visits in different countries Polen Food developed a wide varieties of bread improvers that according to the flour quality, and the user production process to obtain a perfect loaf. Process allow its customer around the world to standardize the flour quality for baking goods production, thus guarantying the bakers to obtain a perfect loaf.

Product NameFeatureImprovementDosage
Vizyon Soft 5000

Vizyon Soft Toast Bread Improver

Vizyon Soft 4000

Vizyon Soft

Vizyon P 10

Anatolia 500

– 12-15 days shelf life)

(10-12days shelf life)

(10-12 days shelf life)

(3-5 days shelf life)

For artisanal usage
Extended shelf life

High ovenspring

Improved loaf volume and softness

Crumbling prevention





10-20 g / 100 kg

300-500 g / 150 kg

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