It is a popular fast-food product ever consumed with more fervor. It is also rising in popularity in luxurious restaurants that offer meat dishes, and not just fast-food outlets.

What to look for in a tortilla:

  • no bubbles on the product
  • no signs of drying and crumbles when it is wrapped up with ingredients
  • no sticking between layers in packaging.
  • short texture that allows easy eating

It is now easier than ever to make the perfect tortilla.

Product NameImprovementDosage
Vizyon 6000 T

Vizyon 6000 U

– Prevents the formation of spots on the end product.

– Increases processing tolerance.

– Makes the end product crumble-free and dry-proof in frozen processes

– Eliminates the drying of the crust and delays the staling process.

– Improves the crust color.

– Prevents sticking between the layers.

– Improves food quality by ensuring a short texture.


Used in combination with the Vizyon Emulsifier Mixture in the recipe.

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