Whipping Cream

Vizyon and Vizyon Easy Whipping Cream varieties which have both delicious taste and easily spreadable texture will help you to prepare attractive and smooth textured desserts. Vegetable based whipping creams are suitable for filling, covering and decorative practices and are freeze-thaw stable.

  • Assortments

    • Aria
    • Stella

Directions for Use

Vizyon Whipping Cream1000 gVizyon Easy Whipping Cream1000 g
Water or Milk 2000 gWater or Milk1500 g
Total Weight 3000 gTotal Weight 2500 g

Whip the cream mix with cold water or milk (10-12 °C) at high speed for about 3-7 min. (Mixing time depends on the efficiency of mixing equipments and product amounts). It is suggested to keep the whipping cream in fridge for 15 min. before using.

  • Package

    10 kg carton box
    (1 kg sachet x 10 pcs.)
    10 kg kraft bag

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